They were buried with honors: in the Russian Federation, a recidivist convict was passed off as a hero and patriot

Marta Gichko15:59, 01/17/23

High-ranking officials attended the farewell ceremony.

Fanis Khusainov, a convict liquidated in Ukraine, was buried with military honors in the Russian Federation .

According to the ” VChK OGPU” project , the “200th” occupier was convicted at least five times. Therefore, he was probably “amnestied” to the private military company “Wagner” as part of a recruitment campaign.

Head of Bashkortostan Radiy Khabirov took part in the mourning ceremony in the village of Verkhniye Tatyshly.V

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“I firmly promise that we will remember him and leave him in our hearts so that young boys will be brought up on his examples,” he said.

The head of Bashkiria at the farewell ceremony asked the head of the district to take measures to perpetuate the memory of the recidivist Khusainov.

Fanis Khusainov is a recidivist thief who involved minors in thefts. He has five convictions for theft and willful destruction and damage to property.

The last time Khusainov, who was serving a sentence for theft and involving two minors in it (the sentence was handed down in December 2020), was convicted in January 2021 for stealing his familiar gold chain with a pendant from the bedroom. Taking into account the previous sentence, the court appointed him three years in a colony-settlement.

Prior to this, Khusainov robbed a car. In January 2019, a court sentenced him to two years’ probation for stealing a car battery, car radio, antenna, car roof rack, extension cord with reel, audio speakers and a metal tool box from a car by a group of people with prior agreement. The occupier also made a living by stealing covers from thermal wells, car rims and tires.

Prisoners in the war against Ukraine: essentials

Against the backdrop of the scale of the current Russian invasion of Ukraine, Wagner leader Yevgeny Prigozhin decided to increase the size of his group at the expense  of prisoners from Russian prisons .

Many amnestied prisoners are now fighting in the ranks of PMCs. The command of the Russian Federation does not hide why they need them. Zeks are sent into battle without food. This decision is due to the clear realization that  prisoners do not live long in the war .

“Wagnerites” concentrated in Bakhmut and Soledar. The assault on Soledar in the Donetsk region and other cities costs Wagner huge losses. We are talking about  tens of thousands of corpses.  The “Wagner Group” became notorious in the war as the unit with the  highest mortality  among all Russian forces. 

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