The Netherlands may provide Patriot air defense systems to Ukraine – Bloomberg

Inna Andalitskaya19:59, 01/17/23

The Dutch government should soon make a final decision on the transfer of these systems.

The Netherlands is also considering providing Ukraine with a Patriot air defense system . Thus, they will join the US and Germany in strengthening the Ukrainian military air defense arsenal, which is crucial in the war with Russia.

Bloomberg writes about this  , citing people familiar with the situation, who wished to remain anonymous. It is noted that the Dutch government will soon make a final decision on the transfer of these systems.

“The Netherlands is constantly considering the possibility of military support for Ukraine,” said Sascha Luvhoff, spokesperson for the Dutch Ministry of Defense.

She added that the Netherlands prioritizes military supplies to Ukraine, but did not provide details on specific weapon systems or supplies.

The publication notes that in recent weeks the United States and Germany have promised to provide Ukraine with Patriot systems, which are highly valued because they can shoot down missiles and have high-tech sensors that help identify what is in the air.

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