The Kremlin is trying to lure foreigners into the war in Ukraine for Russian citizenship

Tanya Polyakovska05:15, 17.01.23

The arrival of mobilized units is expected at the training ground in the Rostov region of the Russian Federation.

Russia promises citizenship for participation in the war / photo
Russia promises citizenship for participation in the war / photo

In Russia, foreign citizens who are in the queue to receive Russian citizenship are offered to voluntarily enlist in the ranks of the enemy army and automatically receive citizenship of the Russian Federation.

This is about it in the operational information of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine as of 18:00. It is noted that in Moscow there is also pressure on commercial structures to financially support the enemy’s armed forces through the transfer of funds in the amount of 10 million rubles.

“At the same time, the arrival of mobilized units is expected at the Kadamovsky training ground in the Rostov region of the Russian Federation for the purpose of training and further equipping the units and units of the Russian occupation forces. First of all, the replenishment will concern the private military company “Wagner” and the “Bars” units, which are constantly losing personnel in Ukraine,” the General Staff said.

War in Ukraine: losses of the Russian Federation

The Russian occupiers are suffering colossal losses in manpower. At the same time, the ranks of both the regular army of the Russian Federation and mercenaries are thinning. So, as of January 16, the  Russians lost about 116,080 in Ukraine  soldiers in Ukraine.

Due to incredible losses, the Russian occupiers continue to bring doctors from the Russian Federation to hospitals in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine. Medical institutions are reorienting to the treatment of the military of the Russian army .

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  1. There are thought to be 850,000 people living in America whose language spoken at home is Russian. (As opposed to old established Russian-Americans who don’t even speak Russian and mostly pose no threat).
    In Britain, there are thought to be 73, 000 Russian-born residents. I thought it was much more, but online sources suggest not.
    The level of support for putler is likely to be similar to that in Russia; up to 80%. The security services should be investigating every single one of these; starting with the oligarchs and working down. Open source info such as social media will reveal the truth.
    All pro-putler Russians must be arrested, deported and lose all their assets. Should have happened in 2014. Other countries might follow suit. It just takes decent leadership. If you are a putlerite living in a civilized country, you should be told to FOAD.

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