Tanks for Ukraine. NOW.

From the LinkedIn page of Jens Christian Jensen

Jan 17, 2023

Tanks for Ukraine, NOW. From Ukrainian soldier – We have suffered very heavy losses, and it has been terrible. We need the West’s tanks to stop Russia’s aggression. With our infantry and the support of these tanks, we will definitely win, Danylo, a tank officer in Ukraine’s 24th motorized brigade, told the BBC.

He asks for 300 western tanks, UK will be providing a few, Poland and Finland are ready with a limited number of Leopards, if Germany allows…

I would like to suggest a different solution. The US Army operates nearly 4400 ABRAMS M1A2, and US Marine Corps just over 400. These tanks are to be replaced over the next years to come with the ABRAMS-X. How about NATO members pay US, and US provides 300-500 M1A2 ABRAMS for Ukraine, as these will be phased out over the next years anyway. US can spend the money on the next generation tanks saving tax payers money…. Ukraine will beat russia… and Germany will not have to provide the Leopards which they seem to find very difficult….

A win – win – win scenario… only loser will be russia.

And the price if NATO members pay the full price (8,9 million usd a piece) of the used tanks will be 2,7 billion usd out of a 1,2 trillion usd budget (2022 numbers NATO).

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  1. Why is it that some of the most simple solutions to us seem to be so difficult for our world “leaders”?

  2. Give Ukraine EVERYTHING it needs to defeat the evil shithole. What’s so difficult to just doing it?

    • At the White House press conference today the Press Sec’y was asked 3 times about arming Ukraine. She just repeated what she’s been saying, “We stand with Ukraine”, “We will do everything possible to help Ukraine defend itself” and repeated several times “Every country can decide for themselves what to send to Ukraine.

      Also 3 times she was asked if POTUS was speaking with other countries, coordinating efforts, lobbying for weapons or rallying support among NATO countries. Her answer was the same each time, “Every country can decide for themselves, they are all sovereign…”

      Meanwhile in Germany, France and several others they continue to say they are coordinating efforts so they can show Vladolf their efforts are unified. Biden is still leading from behind I’m afraid. I think he believes his enemy is Republicans, not putin.

      • I hate it when politicians give you the runaround. That’s their greatest talent. Often enough, the only talent.

  3. At present Turkey’s dictator, Erdogan refuses to allow Sweden and Finland, to join NATO.
    NATO is composed of numerous SMALL nations, many with populations tinier than may US states.
    and so have less budgetary capacity.

    Finland GENEROUSLY offers a substantial proportion of its Leopards, as do some other Nato nations.

    Turkey meanwhile, TODAY comes to the USA to demand F-16s (they were refused F-35s because Erd0ogan decided to purchase Russian antiaircraft missiles, thus supporting Russia. Such support is economic, AND indicates technological sharing, and Turkey, cannot be stripped of its NATO membership, as teat defensive Treaty does not include process for expelling such a nation betraying its principles.

    IMMEDIATELY upon reading this news, I wrote my Congressman, urging him to refuse F-16s to Turkey, unless that nation drops all resistance and instead votes FOR Sweden and Finland NATO entry.

    I URGE YOU (several of the journalists working at Ukraine Today are obviously from their colloquial language, native USA citizens, and IF those journalists, including the writer of THIS article, wish to assist defeat of Russian violence, murder, torture, atrocities, and aggression,
    THEY TOO, MUST contact their Representatives and President DEMANDING that Turkey DROP its resistance to Swedish and Finnish NATO membership IMMEDIATELY, or itself somehow be ejected from NATO, with ALL that action implies.

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