Best Russian tank T-90M with thermal camouflage “Cape” was still destroyed by Ukrainian soldiers in Luhansk region


A video has been published online showing a modern Russian T-90M Proryv-3 tank with the “Nakidka” [Russian; накидка – OFP] thermal camouflage on fire.

As Censor.NET reports, the author of the publication does not specify the circumstances under which the Russian tank caught fire, but notes that it happened in the Luhansk region and focuses on the special camouflage of the tank. According to him, Kremlin propagandists assured that the features of the “Cape” [накидка – OFP] thermal camouflage allow the armored vehicle to protect itself even from the Javelin MANPADS.

“The Rashists have minus $5 million. The Russian T-90M Proryv-3 with the Cape thermal camouflage is on fire somewhere in the Luhansk region. Another analog prodigy has failed…”, the commentary to the video says.


  1. So, the cockroach thermal camouflage seems as effective as the cockroach birdcages they used to sport. Such claims made by the cockroach general staff only serve to fool the tank crews. They know that sooner or later they all will fry. Nothing escapes St. Javelin.

  2. Well no amount of thermal camouflage would protect anything if the rocket fired at it isn’t guided by a heat-seeker. Maybe I have the wrong impression, but the MANPADS don’t seem all that different in functional form, from the American WWII “bazooka” of years past, though probably with much more devastation from a hit. It might have a thermal imaging scope, but a person doesn’t necessarily always need a scope to spot the target. In any case, even the best and most efficient equipment will not help the russian horde now.

  3. I still don’t think we know if this tank is safe from Javelins, as I don’t know how this tank was hit.

    I think if it was a Javelin there would have been a lot more damage, but I am just a bert.
    I would put my bet on another weapon than Javelin.

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