The head of the German Foreign Ministry proposed a scheme for judging Putin

Yury Kobzar 19:11, 16.01.23

Germany already proposes specific mechanisms of the special tribunal, not limited to general statements.

Germany wants to try Putin / screenshot
Germany wants to try Putin / screenshot

President of the Russian Federation Volodymyr Putin and other leaders of the country must appear before the international tribunal for launching an aggressive war against Ukraine . This was stated by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Germany, Annalena Berbock, during a visit to the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague, writes Politico .

The head of German diplomacy noted that it is impossible to bring the Russian leadership to justice within the framework of the ICC, since Russia does not recognize the jurisdiction of this court, and the UN Security Council will not be able to grant the ICC such powers, since Russia itself will block this resolution with its right of veto.

To circumvent this obstacle, Burbok suggests that the partner countries jointly create a “special tribunal” that will consider the crime of Russian aggression against Ukraine and will be able to judge the Russian leadership.

At the same time, the head of the German Foreign Ministry proposes to “remove the jurisdiction” of the special tribunal from Ukrainian criminal law. At the same time, prosecutors and judges involved in the work of the tribunal, according to Burbok, should represent different countries, and the tribunal itself should be based outside of Ukraine. This will avoid the “impression of bias”.

“Putin must now know that his aggression will not remain without consequences,” Burbok stressed.

International Tribunal for Russia

According to the former special representative of the US in Ukraine , Kurt Volker , there is currently no working mechanism in the world for criminal prosecution of the leadership of the Russian Federation. Therefore, the international community should create a special, that is, a “one-time” tribunal, as was the case with the Nuremberg Tribunal.

The Netherlands, where the permanent International Criminal Court (the so-called Hague Tribunal) is based, proposes to create a special tribunal for Russia on its territory.

The UN is still unable to decide on its position regarding the international tribunal for the Russian Federation. According to some sources, the opponent of the creation of the tribunal is the United States.

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  1. The best option to punish these evil creatures is to capture them and bring them to Kyiv. Drop them off in the middle of the Maidan and let the Ukrainian people serve justice.

    • They are imagining things if they think the criminals will appear before the court. They already think Moskali law trumps international law. Here is a compromise; have the trials outside of Ukraine but let Ukraine use international tools to bring them to Ukraine to serve their sentences or drop a grenade on them. Then they will eventually die in Ukraine, which is justice.

  2. “Impression of bias”??? This guy is out of his fuckin mind. Nuremberg trials didn’t happen in The US. It happened where the crimes were committed and the Ukrainian people going through this hell deserve to have the trial in Ukraine.

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