Polish Prime Minister Morawiecki urged to immediately stop Russia, otherwise the crimes will continue


Translated from Ukrainian via Google and OFP

The authorities of Poland reacted to another Russian crime against the Ukrainian people – an attack on a high-rise building in Dnipro, which killed at least 30 people. Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki stressed that the terrorist state must be stopped as soon as possible.

He wrote about this on his official Twitter account on Sunday, January 15. Morawiecki called this attack another war crime by the aggressor state of Russia against the civilian population of Ukraine. He stressed that the Russian occupiers act inhumanly.

The politician called on the entire civilized world, Ukraine’s partners to act right now and force the Russian aggressors to stop.

“Russia is deliberately committing more war crimes against civilians. This is inhumane. We must act immediately to stop her,” Morawiecki wrote.

Earlier, Estonian Prime Minister Kaya Kallas also reacted to Russia’s crime against Ukraine. She called for the aggressor country to be held accountable for the missile attack on the Dnieper. The politician said that in this way the Russian Federation once again proved that it is a terrorist state.

Meanwhile, the Molfar OSINT community has established the names of the persons responsible for the implementation of the terrorist act in Dnipro on January 14 at the level of the perpetrators. Among them are crew commanders, pilots, technical staff, staff workers and just affiliates – a total of 44 people. All the names of the criminals are in the material.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL:

– During the attack on Ukraine on Saturday, January 14, a Russian Kh-22 missile , launched by invaders from the Kursk region, hit a high-rise building in the Dnieper. Currently, the Armed Forces of Ukraine do not have the means to shoot down this type of missile.

– The network showed a video of the moment the rocket arrived at the house in Dnipro. On the video, you can hear that there was only one explosion.

– As of 17:30 on January 15, the bodies of 30 dead (including 1 child) were found in the rubble, 75 were injured (of which 13 were children). 39 residents of the house were saved.

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  1. Where is the outrage from the UN? Human Rights Watch? Scholz and Macron? The rest of the inglorious leaders of the free world? Some are too busy nixing some of the things Ukraine requests to defeat the orc hordes.

  2. Since the days of Hitler, only Russia commits deliberate state murder of innocent civilians. They got clean away with it in Chechnya, Syria and Georgia. Since 2014, Ukraine also. Before putler unleashed his Holocaust last February, his vermin had already murdered 14,000 Ukrainians; mostly civilians. Not to mention well documented cases of torture and rape; all documented by Halya Coynash of Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group. I remember a 15 year old boy was tortured to death by savages just because he had a Ukraine flag on his sports bag.
    There has been no condemnation and no punishment. Nazi turds like putler and Lavrov have been permitted to strut around the world like statesmen, rather than the murderous psychopaths that they actually are.
    In Egypt last year, govt officials queued up on the tarmac to kiss and embrace Lavrov as he got out of his plane. Asshole, cocksucking punks.
    This latest outrage ought to be the last straw for any leaders of integrity. NFZ now.

    • The last straw was supposedly Bucha. We’re still waiting for Western tanks and planes and long-range capabilities.

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