Finland is waiting for Germany’s decision to transfer Leopard tanks to Ukraine

Yuri Kobzar16:44, 01/16/23

This week, the allies will persuade Berlin to give their green light to the supply of tanks to Ukraine.

Leopard - the most massive tank in Europe / photo
Leopard – the most massive tank in Europe / photo

Finland’s position regarding the possible delivery of Leopard tanks to Ukraine depends on the decision taken by Germany. This was stated by Finnish Defense Minister Mikko Savola, quoted by Euronews .

“It depends a lot on the leadership of Germany how we proceed with these Leopard tanks. This requires a German export permit, and the German defense industry plays a very important role in how replacement equipment can be obtained,” the Finnish minister said.

According to Savola, the issue of supplying Leopard tanks will be discussed this week during the summit of “like-minded countries” in Estonia and during a large meeting of Ukraine’s partners at the Ramstein military base in Germany.

Deliveries of German tanks to Ukraine

On January 11, the President of Poland announced the delivery of a company of Leopard tanks, which are in service with the Polish army, to Ukraine. This was the first official promise to transfer Western-style tanks to Ukraine.

Shortly thereafter, the President of Finland announced that his country was also ready to transfer a small number of Leopards to Ukraine.

However, for the supply of tanks manufactured in Germany to Ukraine, it is necessary to obtain permission from the German government. So far, official Berlin has not voiced its position on this issue.

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    • Finland is only talking about 2 of them, unless that has changed, which is less than 1% of what they have. Surely Finland can spare 15-20 of them if not more.

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