In the footsteps of the Nazis: the Russians set a record for the looting of museums in Ukraine

Yuri Kobzar 22:55, 01/15/23

The theft of museum valuables by the invaders is organized and systemic.

Russians destroy and rob museums of Ukraine / photo from UNIAN, Andrey Marienko
Russians destroy and rob museums of Ukraine / photo from UNIAN, Andrey Marienko

The looting of Ukrainian museums by Russian invaders was the largest theft of art since World War II. The New York Times writes about it .

According to the prosecutor’s office and the museums themselves, in Kherson alone, the invaders stole more than 15,000 art objects and objects of historical heritage. In total, the Russians plundered or completely destroyed more than 30 museums in Kherson, Mariupol, Melitopol and other cities. 

It is noted that these figures relate only to documented facts. In practice, the scale of theft can be much greater. According to experts interviewed by journalists, this is the largest art theft since World War II.

Experts believe that the purpose of the robbery was not only to obtain material or historical values, but also to deprive Ukraine of its cultural heritage. Eyewitnesses note that the looting of museums was of an organized nature, moreover, under the guidance of Russian specialists.

Looting by invaders in Ukraine

One of the characteristic elements of the Russian invasion of Ukraine was systemic and wholesale looting. From the first days of the war, numerous facts of robberies committed by Russian soldiers were recorded. The symbol of this was the stolen washing machine .

In addition to stealing property from private homes, the Russians were notable for looting entire enterprises. For example, in the Kherson region, the invaders plundered a historical chateau that survived two world wars.

However, the most ridiculous manifestation of Russian kleptomania was the kidnapping of a live raccoon from the Kherson zoo. It is significant that the Russians are obviously very proud of this episode .

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