In Dnipro, the death toll rises to 23 people, and about 40 others are missing



The State Emergency Service has reported that as of 13:15, 23 people were killed by a Russian missile strike on Dnipro.

Source: Dnipro City Council, referring to the State Emergency Service

Details: 72 people sustained injuries, including 13 children, and 39 were rescued.

43 reports of missing persons have been received.

Rescue workers have stated that the strike destroyed the structures of two entrances from the ninth to the second floors (72 apartments were completely destroyed and more than 230 others were damaged).

In total, the building has 18 entrances with 36 apartments in each. The total number of residents is 1,100.

“The extinguishing of three separate fires, searching for people under the rubble and dismantling of dangerous structures” continues.



  1. Updated (18:59): Natalia Babachenko, adviser to the head of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional Military District, said on the air of the telethon that 30 dead and 75 injured are already known.

    At the same time, the State Emergency Service specified that 44 reports of missing persons had been received. Of which the location of 11 people has been established, the fate of 33 people is being investigated.

  2. President Zelenskyy quote: “…the enemy will definitely receive our response on the battlefield. Our warriors will ensure it.”

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