The White House reacted to the new shelling of Ukrainian cities: it promises even more air defense

Yana Stavskaya23:43, 01/14/23

The US will continue to provide Ukraine with what it needs to defend itself, including air defense systems.

There was a US reaction to the massive shelling of the Russian Federation / photo REUTERS
There was a US reaction to the massive shelling of the Russian Federation / photo REUTERS

The White House condemned Russia’s new massive shelling of Ukrainian cities, including a Russian missile hitting a residential building in Dnipro.

“These strikes are yet another example of the brutal and barbaric war waged by Russia, targeting Ukraine’s critical infrastructure that provides light and warmth to the Ukrainian civilian population,” a National Security Council spokesman said in a written statement.

The statement also notes that the United States will continue to provide Ukraine with what it needs for self-defense, including air defense systems, “along with allies and partners.

“And we will continue our work to hold Russian forces accountable for their war crimes and atrocities. Russia continues to underestimate the strength and determination of the Ukrainian people, and these latest attempts to demoralize them will once again fail,” the White House stressed.

Massive missile attack on Ukraine – shelling of the Dnieper

On January 14, Russia fired 38 missiles of various types at Ukrainian cities, aiming, in particular, at energy facilities. At the same time, in Dnipro, the invaders  got into a high-rise building , in which about 1,700 people lived.

Up to 200 people could be in the destroyed entrance, 50 of them were children. It is known that among the victims – 14 children, the youngest child is three years old. All children were hospitalized, the condition of one of the victims, a nine-year-old girl, is described as serious.

There is no light and gas supply in the house, as a result of the impact one (according to other information – two) entrance was completely destroyed, in others the windows were broken. More than 1000 people need housing.

Rescuers  continue to dismantle the rubble  and get people out from under them. Mayor of Dnipro Boris Filatov informed that the work would probably  last all night .

At the same time, the  Russians laugh at the tragedy , calling for even more bloodshed among Ukrainian civilians.

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