The truth about the biography and Ukrainian roots of the founder of “Wagner” Prigozhin was revealed (video)

Elena Sparrow10:44, 01/14/23

It turned out that Prigozhin grew up in a decent family.

Prigozhin's father died early, and his stepfather sent him to a sports school / screenshot
Prigozhin’s father died early, and his stepfather sent him to a sports school / screenshot

Journalist and 1+1 host Natalya Moseychuk, in a conversation with Russian opposition leader Igor Yakovenko, revealed the truth about the biography of Yevgeny Prigozhin, the founder of Wagner PMC. It turned out that the rashist has Ukrainian roots.

“I remembered that Prigozhin also, in general, spent some of his time in Ukraine. By the way, Prigozhin had two grandfathers, his own and cousin, from Ukraine, from Zhovti Vody (a city in the Dnepropetrovsk region – UNIAN),” Moseychuk said.

She also said that she deeply “dug” Prigogine’s biography. She managed to find out what his grandfathers did.

“They were quite order-bearing men, because it seemed like two of them went through the front, dear so accurately. I know, because he was both a commissar at the front and was awarded … But Prigozhin’s second grandfather was engaged in development at open uranium mines and he led one of the uranium mines,” the journalist said.

According to Moseychuk, she was very surprised when she realized that Prigozhin grew up in a decent family. His parents tried to give him a good future. But the rashist chose a different path.

“For example, I found out that his mother taught at the department and that he allegedly entered the pharmaceutical faculty of a medical university or institute. Allegedly, he studied there, it seems, for one year and then thundered already under the article for robbery for three and a half year. Then they gave him more than 10 years, he was released a little earlier, he served nine, “she said.

Moseychuk also learned that Prigozhin’s father died early, and his stepfather “put” him into an Olympic reserve school so that he would go in for skiing. The journalist noted that “Putin’s cook” has grown from a boy into a specific criminal.

How Prigozhin is trying to knock out fame for Wagner in the Russian Federation

The media has repeatedly reported that Prigozhin is in conflict with the command of the Russian Federation and is trying to take his “place in the sun.” On January 13, the rumors were confirmed. Thus, the Russian “League for Protecting the Interests of Veterans of Local Wars and Military Conflicts” criticized the Russian Ministry of Defense and stated that all the so-called “merits” of the Russian army in Soledar belong precisely to the “Wagnerites”. 

After that, Prigozhin himself entered the conflict. It was almost the first time he publicly entered into a confrontation with the Russian Ministry of Defense. Prigozhin said that “they are constantly trying to steal victory from his mercenaries.”

The OP has already commented on the Wagner scandal and the RF Ministry of Defense . According to Podolyak, all this is a sign of an enchanting end for the aggressor country.

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