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Jan 14, 2023

More than 1,332 #children were affected in #Ukraine as a result of Russia’s full-scale armed aggression, the Ukrainian #Prosecutor General’s Office reported on Jan. 12, 2023.
According to the official information provided by juvenile prosecutors, 453 children were killed, and 879 received injuries of various degrees of severity.

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  1. 453 families shattered by nazi scum. And that is just the tip a a massive iceberg.
    The help Ukraine receives, although welcome and vital, is less than 10% of what it should be.
    Just at a time when help from Ukraine’s biggest benefactor should be ramping up, there are sinister people in the putler wing of the GOP that are planning to nobble it. Probably the worst elected politician working hard for putler is Marjorie Taylor-Greene, but there are plenty of others in influential positions who are almost as bad.
    If you are aiding and abetting genocide, you don’t belong in any decent political party.
    Trump controls c. 30% of the GOP. 5% of all GOP voters are thought to hold pro-putler views. This according to the GOP’s own strategists.

    • And yet the US Congress continues to support Ukraine practically unanimously. Further, those on the Left demanding Ukraine cede territory for peace goes completely under your radar. Hmmm…
      Friend, Ukraine will do better when people stop making this a fucking partisan issue. Do you really think being one sided and criticizing only one side will bring more from the Right into Ukraine’s fold? Politics stops at the water’s edge.

      • I try to post a wide range of articles that are helpful to the cause of Ukraine; a cause that I am devoted to. A clear majority of them come from the most consistently pro-Ukraine conservative paper in the world; The Telegraph. Possibly the only one even.
        The article above from a LinkedIn member was about the murder of children by a nazi regime. I pointed out the evil of those who have stated their intention to try to block all aid to the victim of child murderers.
        It is you who is the partisan. How come you don’t jump to the defence of Joe Biden on the numerous occasions that I berate him for his trickle down approach to weapons allocation? How come you don’t jump to the defence of Philip Sachs and the other far left “land for peace” advocates, whom I have posted negative articles about?
        I even posted articles about the views expressed by Mark Levin, the only MAGA broadcaster who supports Ukraine. How come you you did not thank me for that?
        Instead you leap to the defence of foul scum like Carlson and Taylor-Greene. You even had the nerve to call Carlson a “libertarian.” I am a libertarian! No libertarian defacto supports genocide as he does. The putler wing of the GOP exists and their names are well known, because of the actual words they speak. Liz Cheney refers to the “Putin wing” of the GOP and Reagan Republican Mark Levin refers to them as “The Putinoids.”
        They are a mortal threat to Ukraine.
        I criticize all people who desire victory for Russia, as you should but don’t.
        Instead, you are constantly attacking and insulting me for simply stating factual information. I am at a loss as to why you should heap scorn and hatred on me simply for doing my job as I see it.
        You created an important and kindly site and it will always have my full support. Especially during a critical time when I am extremely concerned about the insufficient level of support that Ukraine is getting.
        I have finally grown weary of your extremely unpleasant and unwarranted personal attacks. Accordingly I will now take a step back.

        • I don’t want to discourage or disrespect you Sir Scradge its just sometimes I feel you’re unfair. I don’t think either of us have been unfactual. If you feel the threat to Ukraine is just from the far right, that is your right. It is I that should take a step back.

          • I will continue to post articles and make comments; albeit at a reduced frequency, assuming you permit it.
            I always respond to your personal attacks with politeness and factual information. I have never trashed you personally and have no desire to do so.
            I explained already why your contentions about me are unfair and simply wrong, so there is no point in revisiting that explanation.
            If Sanders or one of his acolytes was to take over in 2024, there would be a threat to Ukraine. I don’t see that as a possibility at the moment. If Biden steps down, he will endorse a candidate with a similar approach to himself.
            With the Repubs on the other hand, there is a threat to Ukraine from both of the leading contenders.
            You are a self-confessed admirer of two of America’s most powerful Putin-lovers; Carlson and Trump, which is your right, however perverse that may seem. I don’t object to that at all. It is the personal attacks on me that are so disagreeable.
            I reserve my loathing and contempt exclusively for the kremlin murder gang and its followers.

            • You are imagining things if you think I admire Carlson because I have said he is probably the most contemptible cretin in the American media. As for Trump I will say it again, he sent Javelins to Ukraine shortly after he took office which was very well received in Ukraine and a 180 degree turn from the Obama administration. How those examples translate to admiration is beyond me. If you think a handful of rogue Republicans are the biggest threat to Ukraine that is your right. I prefer to watch people not parties and I’m proud both our parties in the USA have solidly supported Ukraine. If we are divided putin will win. I will not help putin win. Be yourself Sir Scradge and walk proudly.

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