A series of explosions thundered in Kyiv: the Russians attacked the city with missiles

Anastasia Gorbacheva09:44, 01/14/23

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An air alert was announced in the capital of Ukraine after the explosions.

 A series of explosions thundered in Kyiv / photo wikipedia.org
 A series of explosions thundered in Kyiv / photo wikipedia.org

On the morning of Saturday, January 14, powerful explosions thundered in Kiev . The air raid alert sounded immediately after the loud noises that frightened residents and guests of the capital of Ukraine.

The Kyiv city military administration reported that the Russian invaders attacked the city with rockets. In turn, the Office of the President urged the Ukrainians not to ignore the air alert. They specified that the occupiers again chose an infrastructure object as a target.

Later, the mayor of Kyiv clarified the location of the explosions, the Dniprovsky district of the capital was attacked.

“Explosions in the Dnieper region. All services are sent to the place. Stay in cover!” Vitali Klitschko said in a message.

Later, the KVGA confirmed hitting an infrastructure facility. 

In addition, the mayor of the capital reported the fragments of a rocket that fell on a non-residential building.

“In the Goloseevsky district of the capital, fragments of a rocket fell on non-residential territory. There were no casualties,” Klitschko said.

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