Ukrainian-made attack UAV with range of 1,000 kilometres already tested

13 JANUARY 2023

The Ukroboronprom State Concern [Ukrainian arms industry company] has released the first sample of an UAV with a range of 1000 kilometres and conducted its tests in the airspace.

Source: Nataliia Sad, spokesperson for Ukroboronprom, during a briefing, as cited by Interfax-Ukraine news agency

Quote: “Today, the project of developing an unmanned aerial vehicle with a range of more than 1000 kilometres, capable of carrying a payload of up to 75 kg has reached such a stage that, unfortunately, we cannot share any details about it now.”

Details: The Concern also reported that they have accelerated the production of the first sample as much as possible, “tested it in the airspace” and are preparing for the next stage: the demonstration of the capabilities of this system to the leadership of Ukraine’s Armed Forces.


In October 2022, the Ukroboronprom State Concern made it clear that they were completing the development of an attack UAV.

In early December, Ukroboronprom reported that they had conducted a number of successful tests of a Ukrainian attack drone with an effective range of 1,000 kilometres.

The concern added that they were moving to the stage of tests that would showcase the drone’s capabilities under the influence of electronic warfare.


    • It will do that. It can also wreck havoc in an oil refinery, which should be targeted as much as possible, along with pump station hubs, like that at Samara. The 8th Air Force didn’t accomplish much until they started a concerted offensive against oil production. The German Army ground to a halt by the first of February 1945. Oil consumption now is much, much larger, and going after refineries will have an outsized influence on the war, reducing Russian logistics and movement to the speed of horses and feet. There would be an awfully hungry army quite soon.

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