The USA announced new sanctions against the Russian Federation, which will hit the aggressor’s defense and finances

Evgenia Sokolenko 08:27, 13.01.23

Work is currently being completed on a number of important areas and an announcement is expected in the coming weeks.

Russia will receive new sanctions / photo
Russia will receive new sanctions / photo

In the coming weeks, the United States will introduce new sanctions against the Russian Federation. Restrictive measures will affect the defense capability and financial capabilities of the aggressor country.

This was stated by the State Department’s sanctions coordinator, Ambassador James O’Brien. He held a meeting in video format with the head of the OP Andrii Yermak, the  press service  of the Office of the President of Ukraine reports. 

According to O’Brien, a 30-person task force is studying in detail all the materials provided by the Ukrainian government and the Yermak-McFaul group. Work is now being completed on a number of important areas, and new sanctions are expected to be announced in the coming weeks.

The adviser of the State Department commented on the definition of priority areas in which economic restrictions will be introduced first of all. He explained that the benchmark will be the effect of the sanctions – they should hit Russia on the battlefield as much as possible and “touch” it financially.

The war in Ukraine: the introduction of sanctions

As UNIAN reported, the European Union has already introduced  nine packages of sanctions  against Russia after the start of its full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Work is currently underway on the tenth package . European diplomats are reluctant to talk about the details of the upcoming sanctions package, stressing the importance of the surprise effect.

In January, the US Treasury imposed sanctions on the suppliers of  Iranian UAVs , which Russia uses to attack civilian infrastructure in Ukraine.

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