Tanks for Ukraine

Robin Horsfall. Jan 12, 2023

Britain says it will send a squadron of twelve Challenger 2 tanks to Ukraine. Other countries in Europe want to send Leopard 2 tanks but Germany holds the licence for their distribution.

There is a clear need for Ukraine to gain some advantage on a battlefront that is becoming stagnant and heavy modern tanks in sufficient numbers might achieve that. However, it is not as simple as putting tanks on a train and sending them.

The modern tank is a highly sophisticated computer with a high tech engine and automatic gun. It requires specialised fuel and ammunition in large quantities but most of all it requires a technical support team. These consist of computer, electrical and mechanical engineers with years of training who can maintain and repair the machines in battle field conditions.

Without technical support teams the tanks are useless. It might take weeks to train a commander, driver and gunner but it isn’t so easy to train the support.

This is one reason why Ukraine has been encouraged to restore and use captured Russian tanks. Ancient and vulnerable as they are, Ukrainian tank troops can jump in and go and their mechanics know the system as well as anyone.

The Challenger, Leopard and Abrams are all different and all require different systems of support. It is estimated that it would require 120 modern battle tanks to be significant in Ukraine and six months to get them and their support on the ground. It can be done but it needs the alliance to come together to make it happen.

Slava Ukraini!

Who Dares Shares.


Incisive pro-Ukraine member Maryna Chekh has been (hopefully temporarily) kicked off LinkedIn due to the activities of kremtrolls. Her friends post for her:

News from Maryna Chekh on telegram

‼️ Good morning, friends…

Soledar and Bakhmut are on everyone’s lips.

It is too difficult for Soledar, but now all the news about his capture are untrue. How and what will happen next – we’ll see. It is necessary to soberly understand that the main goal is to prevent the enemy from cutting the route from Sloviansk and exiting to it through Blagodatne.

In Bakhmut, the enemy had no success, attempts to pass through Klishchiivka on the road to Kostyantynivka and cut through it failed for the enemy.

Avdiivka is difficult.

Zaporozhye direction – orcs are concentrated in the direction of Orichov.

Kreminna-Svatove – I won’t tell you the details, but there the enemy uses various tricks to prevent the Defense Forces from achieving success, in particular, they have been seen disguising themselves as our attack aircraft to try to approach our positions.

The North-West – there is no threat of an attack from Belarus, but we have the maximum concentration of attention on them, no one has canceled this. Sumyshchyna-Chernihivshchyna and the border with the Russian Federation are currently safe.

Yes, the enemy concentrates large forces in various areas, but also suffers heavy losses.

Andriy Kovalenko


  1. Which is why of course the allies should have acted much earlier.
    In late 2021, it became known to US/UK intel that putler was planning to take all Ukraine. But not only that, it was known that they intended to subjugate Ukrainians. Non-compliant Ukrainian officials were to be publicly executed and the country would become one giant gulag with emperor putler lording over it.
    At that point, they had several choices:
    1/ immediately declare all Ukraine a NFZ and send three divisions of mechanised troops.
    2/ immediately send state of the art air defence equipment.
    3/ immediately seize all putinazi assets in Europe and North America.
    4/ close all land, sea and air links between Russia, Europe and North America.
    5/ kick Russia out of SWIFT.
    6/ commence a total trade embargo and order all western companies out of Russia; failure to comply resulting in massive fines.
    AND/OR : prepare the type of material supplies that are only being contemplated now: ie tanks, long range fires, heavy artillery, aircraft, drones etc etc.

    They did almost none of those things. As a result, putler is still plotting foul and disgusting things as he continues with his original plan.

  2. All along, the West has been a day late and a nickel short. There’s absolutely no foresight, no courage, no plans and no goals. The Who would know; the deaf dumb and blind kids in Western politics have much blood on their hands, that’s for sure.

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