From the LinkedIn page of Marijn Markus

Jan 13

📚 I studied these tactics back in #University
Crazy to see them used even today 🤯

🪆 There’s the crazy news statements from #Russia of course, to justify their illegal invasion of #Ukraine

❗ But it’s more crazy to see these talking points being copied blindly by western #media

‼️ And crazier still to see how many
People still fall for these tactics

⚠️ Even today.

💡 These ways of influencing and mass manipulation were designed and perfected by Axis and Allied forces in WW2. The Frankfurt School is famous for it.

Soviets merely copied it all during the Cold War

🚫 We now call information #FakeNews
When we don’t like it

👍 And say #Marketing when we do like it

But really,

It’s #Propaganda either way

Communication #History

StandWithUkraine 🇺🇦

What is your opinion?