AFU Liquidate Over Hundred Russian Occupiers Near Soledar

The strike was carried out from Tochka-U and not only.


More than a hundred Russian occupants have been eliminated near Soledar, the AFU General Staff said on Facebook on Thursday, January 12.

This was achieved through the coordinated work of Special Operations Forces soldiers, artillerymen and rocket launchers.

According to the General Staff, the accumulation of the enemy in several areas was detected by operators of the AFU Special Operations Forces. Artillery was sent to destroy the enemy.

A Tochka-U tactical missile system was also used at one of the sites.

As a result, it is confirmed that more than 100 occupants were destroyed.

As reported, in the first weeks of 2023, Russia concentrated its maximum efforts on trying to seize Soledar, but Ukrainian defenders continue to defend the town. Despite extraordinary pressure of enemy assaults and Russian propaganda statements, the Ukrainian command has denied rumours of the seizure of Soledar.

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