Video Fact: Occupier Dying Of Cold On Ukrainian Soil


A video has been published online showing the last hours of the life of a Russian invader abandoned in a field.

According to Censor.NET , most likely the invader is dying of hypothermia. The death watch of the Russian  was recorded by a Ukrainian drone.

“This is exactly what a Russian mobik abandoned to the mercy of fate looks like. It is clear from the copter that he simply freezes to death. And all this for the sake of the ambitions of the bunker grandfather, who will eventually give his relatives another set of towels or a cake,” the author of the publication writes in a comment to video. Источник:

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  1. This is only one orc of many who are sacrificed for the fascist crime syndicate waging a terrible illegal war on an innocent nation. Death in countless ways is a daily happening, and is taken for granted by the evil rat and his gang of crooks. His useful assholes in the US and Europe should be forced to view such videos and many others too. Better yet, they should be forced to go to the front lines to witness first hand what misery their hero is guilty of.

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