The dead “Wagnerians” are transported around Russia by ordinary truckers – mass media

Yury Kobzar 20:46, 12.01.23

Russian freight forwarders have a permanent customer who pays well.

Illustration by REUTERS
Illustration by REUTERS

“Wagner Group” transports the bodies of murdered mercenaries across Russia , using ordinary truckers for this. This is reported by the “Caution, News” publication .

According to journalists, relevant orders appear every day on exchanges for commercial carriers.

“Weight – 6 tons, volume – 82 cubic meters. Cargo 200”, – a typical order found by journalists on one of the exchanges for cargo carriers.

This cargo must be transported from Rostov-on-Don to the city of Balashikha, not far from Moscow. The delivery point is the local district administration. The fee offered by the customer is 60,000 rubles “in cash and without bargaining”. A refrigerated truck is required from the contractor. It is noted that the cargo is packed in an “all-metal shell”.

The Rostov-based transport company “Dysavtotrans” is designated as the customer – an obvious intermediary that only places other people’s orders on the stock exchange. There, they directly confirmed to the journalists that they were working with the “Wagner group”.

“In general, this is probably some kind of defense order. These are Wagnerites,” they said there.

Also, the company honestly admits that such orders pass through them “almost every day”. The trucker who takes the order is not provided with any escort, but there are no problems with the police at the posts either, as accompanying documents from the morgue are given for the cargo.

Participation of the Wagnerites in the war against Ukraine

The private army created by the Russian oligarch Yevgeny Prigozhin, known as the “Wagner group” or “PVK Wagner”, became one of the main striking forces of Russia in the war against Ukraine. According to experts , the Wagnerites may make up about a quarter of all Russian forces in Ukraine.

A characteristic element of the combat tactics of the “Wagner group” is the shelling of Ukrainian positions with “cannon fodder”. Mercenary losses were especially high during the battle for Soledar.

The deceased Wagnerites, most of whom are yesterday’s “convicts” from Russian prisons, are buried in Russia “without too much noise.”

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  1. “Wagner Group” transports the bodies of murdered mercenaries across Russia.

    “Murdered”? What happens to Wagners every day in Ukraine is not murder, they are invaders.

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