Solovyov called for NATO to be bombed from Africa because of the supply of tanks to Ukraine (video)

Veronika Prokhorenko16:42, 12.01.23

He sees nothing wrong with a missile from Libya suddenly hitting France or Poland.

The propagandist even suggested using tactical nuclear weapons / screenshot
The propagandist even suggested using tactical nuclear weapons / screenshot

Russian propagandist Volodymyr Solovyov burst out with new threats towards NATO countries . This time, the Kremlin henchman proposed to launch missiles at the leading countries of the Alliance from the territory of Africa. 

The propagandist was distinguished by a violent reaction on his broadcast ” Solovyev Live ” against the background of Great Britain’s decision to supply tanks to Ukraine.

He publicly proposed to hit France, Poland or Great Britain with missiles from Africa to show the whole world the reaction of the Kremlin to such decisions. 

“Britain made a decision [on the supply of tanks], so any military target on the territory of France, Poland and Britain – we must officially announce – are legitimate targets for us to strike,” Solovyov said.

He also called for the use of not only “non-nuclear attacks” but also tactical nuclear weapons against NATO countries. For this, he proposed to use the “Wagner” PMC group. 

“Well, well, we are ashamed to do this, but the Wagners have their own equipment. Well, give them the equipment, let them strike from the territory of Africa. Something will take off from the territory of Africa, say from Libya, and strike at France. Or an unidentified ship, belonging to a private structure, and from it strikes with naval drones on the territory of Britain,” said the top propagandist of the Kremlin. called for bombing NATO from the territory of Africa

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    • All that would be required for a sudden 14 million Moscow dead, the world breathing in their dust, and Moscow as a radioactive pit, would be a fool or two like these Russian media stars in the Kremlin
      Lavrov and Medvedev, two mouthy morons, have no power being just two more clowns of Soloviev/Skabayeva-style black comedy..

  1. Fake conservatives in the US whine about poking the bear. The bear pokes himself and Putin’s minions propose all sorts of things that would bring the west down on the little rodent with both feet.

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