“Kabaeva and their “kabayonish” are going to PMP”: the expert said where Putin will run after the defeat

Oleg Davigora 22:14, 12.01.23

Andriy Piontkovskyi believes that China can play a big role in providing Putin’s personal security.

Putin and Kabaeva can flee to China / photo REUTERS
Putin and Kabaeva can flee to China / photo REUTERS

The USA is negotiating with China, including the fate of Putin , his entourage and family.

In particular, they can ask Beijing to persuade the Kremlin czar to leave the country. Publicist and political scientist Andrii Piontkovskyi told about it .

“China can play a big role by providing Putin’s personal security. He can take with him Kabaeva, all the kabayonishes, several billions and a plane sent to go somewhere. Now there are some serious Chinese and American strategic negotiations going on. I think the following question is being discussed: well here Americans gratefully note China’s constructive role in taming the nuclear maniac. They would have played an equally bright positive role in the final stage of the conflict, providing Putin with personal security and convincing him to persistently use the opportunity,” said the publicist.

He believes that the Chinese are asking in return for the consent of the United States to their dominance in a very large part of the Eurasian territory of the former Russian Federation.

“Many people propose the form of the 38th parallel. I think that probably at a meeting of Chinese and American experts, such a working term “meridian” may have arisen. The formal division of the zone of influence in Siberia between the West as a whole and China along some conventional 80th meridian – it is possible that such a term introduced into the public consciousness will eventually become no less used than the “38th parallel”, Piontkovskyi said.

Romance of Putin and Kabaeva: details

For several years, there have been rumors in the press about the romance between Russian dictator Vladimir Putin and Olympic champion Alina Kabaeva. In Russian political circles, everyone knows that Kabaeva gave birth to Putin’s heirs. After the start of the invasion of the Russian Federation into Ukraine, she and her children hid in Switzerland.

Then  Kabaeva returned to the Russian Federation and sits in Moscow . It is “not very desirable” to return to Shaytsaria now.

Recently, the press began to say that Putin’s mistress  Alina Kabaeva  could have become pregnant from him again. However, the dictator is not happy with this news, and when he learned the sex of the child, he  was even more upset.

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  1. Removing Putin and letting him hide in China won’t solve the problem the West have with the mafia state. The whole population needs to fuck off to China, they are all evil, rotten bastards, that support the genocide of Ukrainians.

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