Ukraine established the production of mortar shells on NATO territory

Yury Kobzar17:20, 11.01.23

They plan to release improved mines that are superior to those currently used in Ukraine.

Ukraine has established the production of new mines /
Ukraine has established the production of new mines /

Ukraine established serial production of 82-mm mortar ammunition . This was reported by the press service of the state concern “Ukroboronprom” .

These are projectiles for defeating the enemy’s manpower at a distance of up to 4.5 kilometers. The state concern assures that the new projectiles are better than those used until now.

“The number of deadly shrapnel recorded during tests on target shields and on the site of the target setting is 2-2.5 times greater than what a standard mine should have. The size and shape of the shrapnel are also better than the standard ones,” the state concern boasted. 

Neither the volumes nor the terms of the first deliveries of new mines to the troops are reported. However, Ukroboronprom noted that the production of ammunition was established outside of Ukraine – in one of the NATO countries.

Arms deliveries to Ukraine

On Wednesday, January 11, Polish President Andrzej Duda announced the first delivery of modern Western tanks to Ukraine. They plan to transfer a company of German “Leopards”.

It also became known today that Turkey recently started supplying Ukraine with cluster munitions from the Cold War era.

In the coming weeks , the delivery of the first batch of American BMP “Bradley” – one of the best vehicles in its class – is expected.

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