Turkey began sending Cold War-era cluster munitions to Ukraine – media

Ekaterina Limanskaya 08:40, 01/11/23

These munitions are about five to ten times more lethal than standard HE rounds.

Media reports that Turkey has begun sending Cold War ammunition to Ukraine / facebook.com/GeneralStaff.ua
Media reports that Turkey has begun sending Cold War ammunition to Ukraine / facebook.com/GeneralStaff.ua

At the end of 2022, Turkey began sending Cold War-era cluster munitions to Ukraine. This is reported by Foreign Policy , citing sources  .

We are talking about the so-called improved dual-purpose conventional ammunition. Each projectile, when fired, shatters into 88 smaller ammunition. The United States is prohibited from exporting DPICM under US law due to its high defect rate.

“It just shows that while Turkey is moving closer to Russia in some respects, it is becoming a really important supporter of Ukraine militarily,” the source said.

As reported, neither the Turkish nor the Ukrainian side has yet provided a response to Foreign Policy’s request for confirmation of this information.

According to the publication, DPICM, which can be fired from standard artillery pieces, is about five to ten times more deadly than standard high-explosive fragmentation projectiles. Citing wear and tear on artillery batteries, Ukraine has also requested from Sweden so-called BONUS cluster rounds and small-diameter rounds that can be launched with HIMARS.

What weapons will Ukraine get yet?

As UNIAN reported earlier, the Canadian government announced a new batch of military aid to Ukraine, which will include air defense systems. In particular, Canada will purchase  NASAMS  air defense systems from the United States and transfer them to Ukraine.

It also became known that the United States ordered 14 Vampire complexes for Ukraine to protect the sky. The portable Vampire kit will allow the ground forces of Ukraine to identify and shoot down enemy drones, as well as defend against ground threats from the enemy.

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