Soledar devours more “Wagnerites” in a day than before in a week – media

Marta Gichko18:08, 11.01.23

However, the assault on the city became a matter of principle for Prigogine. He wants to use it in negotiations with the Ministry of Defense.

The media learned the loss of "Wagner" in Soledar /
The media learned the loss of “Wagner” in Soledar /

The assault on Soledar in the Donetsk region and other cities costs Wagner huge losses. We are talking about tens of thousands of corpses.

According to an informed source of the VChK-OGPU Telegram project , Prigozhin’s mercenaries urgently need reinforcements in personnel. However, while “Putin’s cook” does not think about how to abandon the assault on the cities of Donbass.

According to the source, Wagner urgently needs 25-30 thousand new mercenaries just to make up for the general losses. “If 50-60 thousand people are added, then Bakhmut can be gnawed on with the same tactics (with the condition that ammunition is brought in). In Wagner, it is generally not customary to discuss losses,” the source says.

The interlocutor of the channel said that by going to storm Soledar, Prigozhin put everything on the line. After that, major negotiations between Prigozhin and the RF Ministry of Defense are inevitable. Prigozhin needed Soledar only to replay the old handouts in these relations.

According to the channel, the capture of Soledar at the cost of such global human losses is quite unprofitable.

“Soledar is such an absolute point of concentration of dead per square meter. However, Soledar is a military prologue for the negotiations between Prigozhin and the Ministry of Defense. The main trump card of the musicians (“Wagnerites” – UNIAN),” the channel writes.

The source of “VChK-OGPU”, commenting on the assault on Soledar, states that the city is extremely well fortified. Losses will always be great when they occur.

“The assault (of Soledar-UNIAN) is a completely impossible task, so for Prigozhin personally it was considered a matter of principle. Therefore, the total loss figures are very high. Among themselves, they discuss Prigozhin’s phrase that Soledar is now devouring more people for a day than recently the entire front of musicians ( “Wagnerites – UNIAN) for a week. But you should not take this as exact mathematics, Prigogine loves artistic turns,” the source says.

According to the interlocutor, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation still does not risk joining the assault directly. “Sit somewhere far away and supposedly” not let them retreat “- this is not participation in the assault. There is such a situation that it is easy to lose even a large group. This” Wagner “works only in small groups, with the military, with this approach, all coordination will crumble” , says the source.

According to the source, negotiations between Prigozhin and the Ministry of Defense will take place following the results of the entire operation in Soledar.

Wagner fears that if Soledar is captured by direct assaults, the Ministry of Defense will force them to take Bakhmut in the same way. However, mercenaries are physically not enough for this. “Already, everyone was pulled from everywhere, whom they could, the super-replenishment of the prisoners was used up to the ground,” the source notes.

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