“One of the biggest mistakes we Ukrainians made……”

From the LinkedIn page of Volodymyr Kukharenko

Jan 11, 2023

One of the biggest mistakes we Ukrainians made was hope for the empathy and humanity of “common Russians”. Many of us were thinking a sort of “ok, Putin is a madman, but Russians are not such, and we can explain to them, they will understand. We have friends and business partners there, they will listen to us”.

We lost the first weeks of the war on these attempts until we understood the futility. I can say for myself, I tried this too. When I told colleagues from my industry that the war has started, the reaction of most of them was “Why do you even speak about politics? It’s a business chat”, or “What do you want from us? We have nothing to do with it!”. I was writing posts addressed to that, calling to their empathy and instinct of self-survival. They did not care. When I could not get asleep after I saw the inhumane and savage crimes they did in Bucha and Irpin, with the scariest photos of executed families, and burned naked bodies, I made another try to show it to them. The result? Got a complaint on one of the professional pages for “behaving unprofessionally”. What’s “professional” then? Silently watch how they butcher innocents while doing business as usual?

Many Ukrainian celebrities and bloggers were calling to Russian colleagues with the same futile hope to get at least a fraction of empathy. Nothing… Not even to us, but no compassion even to own soldiers dying on the battlefield. As for the Russian soldiers, they did not even care to take their fallen ones, they left them on the ground and preferred to take the loot instead.

Only months later the understanding came to us. They do not feel other people, even their own. If they did, they would scream in pain by now. But they are obediently marching to the meat grinder and do not ask questions, as if someone has cut off their senses. Putin is going to take half a million of them! But mothers who lost their sons are saying than others should go too. They are not asking Putin to stop, they are asking to equip them better. They are having fun while their army kills, loots and rapes, and gets killed too. Over 110k Russian soldiers are killed already, at least twice of that are wounded, so it makes 300k, and nothing is boiling inside Russia…

I do not know how this can be dealt with when the war is over and what can make them humans again. I am afraid it will take generations in the best case.

PS: yes, there are exceptions among Russians. But they are the minority and are so statistically insignificant that it does not inspire…


  1. The following article was produced by rational Russians who are on the right side of history. They attempted to describe putler’s psychopathy. Spoiler: it’s the worse variant. They also attempted to work out how best to deal with a piece of street vermin who ended up in charge of an arsenal of nukes:


    Another study, in light of Mr Kukharenko’s article, should be : “Is psychopathy in Russia on a much greater scale than in other cultures?” It seems clear even to the casual observer, that this distressing, and incurable condition is indeed off the scale in terms of prevalence in Russia.
    For examples, one only has to look at the behaviour of the kremlin murder gang, their orcs and their propagandists. They all display the same traits.
    A historical example : compare the behaviour of the Red Army when it liberated nazi death camps with the behaviour of the allied forces. On the whole the Russian soldiers were cold, indifferent, even hostile. No empathy and no kindness were shown.

  2. “One of the biggest mistakes we Ukrainians made was hope for the empathy and humanity of ‘common Russians”’.

    The biggest majority of ruskies are orcs. Their country is a shithole. It was always so and it always will be. There is no hope.

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