For unknown reasons Russia did not produce any passenger planes in 2022



  1. Vladimir Putin, the Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the sanctions caused by Russia’s attack on Ukraine did not seem to have much effect on Russia, all the while whining that there are no orders for new planes.

    Source: Russian media, with reference to Putin’s statement at the first meeting with the Cabinet of Ministers this year

    Quote from Putin: “None of what the enemy predicted has taken place. And this was done, of course, first of all, thanks to the citizens of Russia, their unity, all our unity. Last but not least, this is also the result of the government’s work. [Prime Minister] Mikhail Vladimirovich [Mishustin] managed to gather such an efficient modern team of enthusiastic people, to construct this activity technologically well. And this, of course, brings appropriate results.”

    Details: At the same time, the Russian dictator criticised the work of the enterprises placing orders for new aircraft. According to him, “there are still no orders at the factories; everything is taking too long.”

    • Not just airplanes, ruzzia is closed for business except oil and gas for terrorists. Then that little money will go to Ukraine for reconstruction. Putler is screwed and so are his sheep. Who will vacation there now? Who will buy products knowing they were made by nazis? Who will make contracts or treaties with such beings? Close all borders with ruzzia or they will spread their filth everywhere, they should sleep in the beds they made, fuckem.

  2. Ukraine and Russia will be friends again. Cleansed by fire. Exhausted. The past will be forgotten.

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