“Are we supposed to live here?”: Russians dig trenches in the ice and hysteria against Putin (video)

Violetta Orlova 18:52, 01/11/23

The Russian “meat” complains that he is being blackmailed by taking away medical care.

The Russian-Ukrainian war continues / Screenshot
The Russian-Ukrainian war continues / Screenshot

Russian servicemen of the 392nd regiment, probably in the Lugansk region, complained to the command about the unprepared icy positions, in the video they dug them out in the snow.

On camera, a group of invaders showed how they were digging trenches covered with ice and snow. “Are we supposed to live here?” – the terrorists thrown to the front are perplexed.

According to one “mobile”, initially their command offered the company to move to prepared positions. When the military saw them and refused, the soldiers began to blackmail them with the lack of medical care.

“For a minute, it’s -20 now, we are offered to live here – in the ice … We recommend viewing this video message to the military prosecutor’s office, the FSB, personally to Putin. We believe that these actions of the command undermine the combat capability of our army. Minus 20, frost, the guys will simply freeze. We won’t even have time to make war,” the occupier complains.

In response, the command informs the “cannon fodder” that the funds have run out. “Moreover, they are not shy in their expressions and directly say: they stole the money,” the occupant said.

https://www.unian.net/player/ItHsx5XaRussian invaders complain about frost and ice in trenches

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  1. Command: Yes, we stole your money for winter clothes, did you expected anything else? If you complain, we shot you, understand…….back to the trenches.

    • You’re spot on Sir Veth, the meat puppets should not complain, they will die for their Fuhrer just as he planned. It should be an honor for them, that’s what nazis do.

  2. “We recommend viewing this video message to the military prosecutor’s office, the FSB, personally to Putin.”

    Go ahead. No one on this planet gives a rat’s ass, especially your leaders.

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