The media learned how many Archer howitzers Sweden can transfer to Ukraine

Yuri Kobzar21:25, 01/10/23

Talks about the supply of Swedish howitzers have been going on since October, recently these plans were confirmed by the Swedish Foreign Ministry.

ACS Archer can enter Ukraine / photo
ACS Archer can enter Ukraine / photo

Swedish self-propelled howitzers Archer will be delivered to Ukraine in the amount of 12 units. True, the delivery time is still unknown. writes about this .

The publication notes that the Swedish government has been considering the possibility of transferring Archer howitzers to Ukraine for some time. Currently, 48 of these self-propelled guns are in service with Sweden itself, but half of them are “extra”.

A few years ago, Norway ordered 24 Archer howitzers for itself, but then canceled this order and bought Korean guns. Then the howitzers intended for the Norwegians were purchased by the Swedish army.

According to the publication, Ukraine is likely to receive 12 Archer systems. This figure was previously announced by the Swedish Ministry of Defense, and analysts are also talking about it. However, the timing is still unclear, since first Ukrainian artillerymen will have to be trained to work with Swedish howitzers. 

Military assistance to Sweden

From the first days of the Russian invasion, Sweden has provided financial and military support to Ukraine. So, in early March, 500 million Swedish crowns were transferred to the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

In addition, the Swedes directly supplied the weapons themselves – anti-ship missiles, grenade launchers and small arms.

In October, Sweden started talking about the possible delivery of Archer self-propelled guns to Ukraine. The other day, the Swedish Foreign Minister confirmed plans for the delivery of howitzers, but did not name the timing or quantity.

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