Russia refuses to publish lists of those killed in Makeyevka

Ludmila Zhernovskaya00:55, 10.01.23

Allegedly, the families of servicemen can become victims of provocations.

Attack on vocational schools in Makiivka / photo Baza
Attack on vocational schools in Makiivka / photo Baza

Russia will not publish lists of servicemen who died as a result of a strike on a Russian base in the occupied Makiivka, Donetsk region.

This was stated by the military commissioner of the Samara region Alexei Vdovin in a commentary to The Insider . According to him, these data allegedly can be used by “foreign intelligence agencies” to “identify and carry out provocative activities of relatives of servicemen.”

“No lists will be published. All available information in the military commissariats is communicated personally to members of the families of a serviceman – either when applying, or, for a number of servicemen, the notification is made personally by employees of the military commissariats,” Vdovin said.

The commissioner also explained the refusal to publish the lists by protecting personal data.

Attack on vocational schools in Makeevka

As you know, on New Year’s Eve, the Armed Forces of Ukraine hit the base of mobilized invaders in the occupied Makeyevka. About 400 Russian occupiers could have died there, and about 300 more were injured.READ ALSO:

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