Daily news on Russia’s war against Ukraine. A special release by Euromaidan Press

Jan 10, 2023


A tremendous amount of info is contained in the above release. One of the most important pieces could be the following;

According to British Defence Intelligence, (last 48 hours): 

  • In the last four days, Russian and Wagner forces have made tactical advances into the small Donbas town of Soledar and are likely in control of most of the settlement. Soledar is 10km north of Bakhmut, the capture of which likely continues to be Russia’s main immediate operational objective.
  • Russia’s Soledar axis is highly likely an effort to envelop Bakhmut from the north, and to disrupt Ukrainian lines of communication. Part of the fighting has focused on entrances to the 200km-long disused salt mine tunnels which run underneath the district. Both sides are likely concerned that they could be used for infiltration behind their lines.
  • Despite the increased pressure on Bakhmut, Russia is unlikely to envelop the town imminently because Ukrainian forces maintain stable defensive lines in depth and control over supply routes.


  1. The allies have known for months that the putinazis have been chucking everything they have at Bakhmut and Soledar. Yet they chose to do nothing. Even now, they continue to dither about tanks; discussions that should have been completed and actioned last spring.
    If Bakhmut, or even Soledar falls, then that is a catastrophic failure of the allies to properly arm Ukraine.

  2. I agree that Ukraine still requires longer range capabilities in evry form that can be provided. Appears from other articles that rashist only defense against HIMARS has been to try to move out of range which exacerbates orcs already jacked up logistics. Here is an earlier article stating that rashists haven’t really been able to counter only try to get out of “Cpt. HIMARS” way.

What is your opinion?