Canada will buy NASAMS systems from the USA and transfer them to Ukraine

Yuri Kobzar21:56, 01/10/23

The Canadian government has announced a new batch of military aid to Ukraine, which will include air defense systems.

Canada will donate NASAMS installations to Ukraine / Kongsberg
Canada will donate NASAMS installations to Ukraine / Kongsberg

Canada will purchase NASAMS air defense systems from the United States and transfer them to Ukraine. Canadian Defense Minister Anita Anand announced this on her Twitter .

“Air defense systems are Ukraine’s top priority. Therefore, Canada is buying an advanced national air defense system (NASAMS) from the United States to transfer it to Ukraine,” she said.

The minister noted that this would be the first air defense system transferred by Canada for the needs of the Ukrainian army. She explained the choice of the NASAMS system with high efficiency indicators.

“Amid Russia’s brutal airstrikes on Ukraine, this air defense system will help protect Ukrainian communities and critical infrastructure from drone, missile and aircraft attacks,” Anand said.

Deliveries of NASAMS to Ukraine

NASAMS is a mobile air defense system developed jointly by Norway and the United States. The complex is capable of intercepting air targets at a distance of up to 40 km and at an altitude of up to 16 km.

For the first time, NASAMS complexes were transferred to Ukraine in October – after the start of the Russian campaign to destroy the Ukrainian energy system. In early November, Defense Minister Reznikov announced that NASAMS air defense systems had already arrived.

During the rocket attack on New Year’s Eve, NASAMS complexes showed high efficiency. The Air Force admitted that they barely had time to reload them.

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