“They writhed in pain and screamed”: the doctor shocked the details of the tragedy in Yelenovka

Katerina Schwartz20:12, 01/09/23

According to him, 50 people were burned alive, the rest crawled out as best they could.

On April 29, a terrorist attack occurred in the colony of the occupied Yelenovka / photo t.me/informnapalm
On April 29, a terrorist attack occurred in the colony of the occupied Yelenovka / photo t.me/informnapalm

Ukrainian neurosurgeon Dmitry Kubryak told the shocking details of the tragic events in the colony of Yelenovka with prisoners of war, which he witnessed.

“Personally, I understand what kind of explosion it was and who carried it out. The events were so consistent that it is not necessary to talk about some kind of accident,” the doctor said in an interview with UNIAN .

According to him, that night the staff of the colony calmly moved throughout the territory without bulletproof vests, helmets, that is, not at all fearing for their lives, although the shelling did not stop.

Kubrak shared how, after the explosion, he heard loud, terrible screams:

“I have never heard such sounds – neither before nor after … The heartbreaking cries of agonizing people were carried throughout the colony … It is beyond words! The explosion occurred somewhere at 23:30, and only 30-40 minutes later we, “Ukrainian doctors were attracted to help. We ran to the scene of the tragedy – what we saw was shocking. Fifty people died immediately – burned alive. The rest, as best they could, crawled out of the barracks outside … A huge number of wounded! They writhed in pain and shouted: “Help!” And in this chaos, in the darkness, we had to decide: who to help first of all, who not to help, who can wait … “.

The first KAMAZ with the wounded left Yelenovka only at five in the morning, that is, after almost six hours, the neurosurgeon noted: “People were just lying on the ground … People who received deep extensive burns, shrapnel wounds, traumatic amputations of limbs, injuries to internal organs … We ran between them, desperately trying to save, and the workers of the colony just stood near the fence, ignoring our pleas to send the victims to the hospital. They stood with smiles, releasing cynical remarks … A kind of passive contemplation of other people’s torment … “.

Dmitry Kubryak suggested that the administration of the colony was simply waiting to see who would survive and who would not.

“During this time, five people died, eighty were taken to Donetsk, to the hospital. About thirty more were slightly injured – they were left in Yelenovka, about the same number were almost not injured. I really hope to never see such a nightmare again,” Dmitry added.

The terrorist attack in Yelenovka on July 28 – what was reported

As UNIAN wrote, on the night of July 29, 2022,   an explosion thundered on the territory of a former penal colony in the occupied village of Yelenovka , Donetsk region,

It was reported about 53 dead Ukrainian prisoners of war, withdrawn from Azovstal.

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  1. The horror and devilry of Russia is indescribable.
    And one year of this has passed with no aircraft sent, no long range fires and just the beginnings of discussions about sending main battle tanks.
    The allies are failing Ukraine badly.
    Margaret Thatcher in 2000, who had by then been retired for some while, had started studying putler and said in a speech that she was “struggling to find any trace of humanity in this man.” By God she was so right. The audience tittered; they thought she was joking, but she was being deadly serious.

    • Yes, she was very right about this little monster. One Margret Thatcher today would be as valuable to Ukraine and the free would as all the other suckers in the major nations combined. Maybe even more.

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