Borislav Bereza: Russian Occupiers Make Same Mistakes With Old Donkey’s Stubbornness

Traditional recklessness is adjacent to the lack of creativity


The Russian MoD spread a fake statement about a ‘revenge operation’ in Kramatorsk.

The website asked Borislav Bereza, People’s Deputy of Ukraine of the 8th Convocation and ex-military of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, to comment on the fable of the Russian Federation.

– When the Russians can’t win on the battlefield, they come up with virtual victories. Here they act according to the old quotation: “A bad bush is better than the open field”. So there is nothing surprising.

Their traditional recklessness is adjacent to their lack of creativity. Therefore, the Russians came up with a fake that they got into the dormitory building with Ukrainian military personnel, but did not take into account the fact that there are a large number of journalists in Ukraine who react quickly. After the Russian Federation announced the destruction of two dormitories, Western journalists from the Reuters agency immediately arrived there.

They filmed and showed a video that, firstly, no one hit any of these vocational schools. Secondly, the nearest pit is 50 meters from the garages, which is also very strange. No blood or any signs.

The fake was ruined from the very beginning and remains to live only in the Russian information space, where it is fed by the Russian propaganda media. That’s it.

Yesterday, representatives of several Western media called me, I gave interviews to several TV channels. None of them asked for a refutation, but asked for an opinion. They no longer needed a refutation, everyone in the West understood everything.

Russia has its own atmosphere. If they believe that “44 HIMARS can be destroyed with one shot” or if you say that you destroyed 600 Ukrainian soldiers and this will be accepted, then, apparently, they have forgotten another old saying: “No matter how much you say “halva”, it won’t make it sweeter in your mouth.”

Something else surprises me. The Russians are so excited that almost 600 mobilized soldiers died in Makiivka and are absolutely indifferent to the fact that the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroy 500-700 Russians every day. This is a strange attitude that I can’t understand. Some are sorry, others are not. Maybe this is the traditional stupidity of Russia, they pay attention to some things and are silent about other things.

One more thing. We can say that Ukraine has gained amazing combat experience since 2014 and does not place combat units in such premises, and Russia continues, despite the fact that this is not the first time that it has flown in a large concentration of military personnel in one place.

We have gained experience and are using it, but the Russians cannot understand this experience and continue to act according to the Soviet patterns, as well as continue to lose huge numbers of manpower.

– Will the situation like ‘Makiivka” be repeated, in your opinion?

– Of course, the same thing happened yesterday. That’s it, there were fewer people, but they were also settled in the same room. HIMARS hit it: 30 invaders were killed with a single shot. This will continue. You see, they have a very peculiar approach to this. They think, “what if it blows over?”. Relying on the age-old Russian “lucky chance”, each time they are making the same mistakes with heavy consequences.

They continue to make the same mistakes with an old donkey’s stubbornness because they are unable to draw conclusions. The consequences are hitting them hard, destroying the Russian military with the help of artillery and HIMARS.

– We know that HIMARS have a limited range. Ukraine is asking the United States for ATACMS missiles, which have a range of up to 300 kilometres. If you get this weapon, is Russia waiting for the ‘Makiivka’ in Crimea and Belgorod?

– Ukraine will destroy any concentrations of Russian forces or military equipment that pose a danger to our country. Accordingly, everything within a radius of 300 km will be under attack: combat units, crossings, fuel and munition depots. I want to emphasize that everything that can pose a threat to us will be attacked. Therefore, we need such missiles.

The question is not whether Ukraine will have these weapons or not. The only question is when. As soon as we get it, the Russians will instantly feel the beauty of shelling with their military structure.

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  1. “Russian Occupiers Make Same Mistakes With Old Donkey’s Stubbornness”

    Thank God that we’re fighting against a trash army with monkeys as generals, acting like stubborn donkeys.
    In a real army, ruskie generals would only be doing what Sad Sack does a lot; peel potatoes.

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