The leader of the “Wagnerites” Prigozhin called the reasons for the “obsession” with Bakhmut

Katerina Chernovol01:40, 01/08/23

Prigozhin claims that there is a “network of underground cities.”

Prigozhin explained why his mercenaries were storming Bakhmut / photo
Prigozhin explained why his mercenaries were storming Bakhmut / photo

The owner of the Wagner PMC, whose fighters are actively involved in the Russian war against Ukraine and the assault on the positions of Ukrainian troops in the Bakhmut area of ​​the  Donetsk region, Yevgeny Prigozhin explained why he needed control over the city.

According to the press service of the leader of the “Wagnerites”, Prigozhin said that Bakhmut is “the central point of the Eastern Front and a serious logistics center.”

“The feature of Bakhmut is in its unique historical and geographical defense capabilities, which include, first of all, the division of the city into several parts by water barriers. The second feature is that the suburb of Bakhmut is a complex of settlements that create a single defense system. The third is a unique landscape: ravines and heights that are natural tunnels,” the message says. 

At the same time, Putin’s supporter called the system of Soledar and Bakhmut mines, which are actually a “network of underground cities,” the icing on the cake. He noted that not only people can be located in this network at a depth of 80-100 meters, but also tanks and infantry fighting vehicles can move. In addition, according to him, stockpiles of weapons from the First World War are stored there.

The situation in Bakhmut

The Ukrainian military has been holding defenses in Bakhmut for several months, which is constantly stormed by Russian invaders. During the fighting, the city was destroyed by more than 60%.

In addition, the enemy does not stop shelling the city with artillery. So, on January 6, the occupation troops of the Russian Federation carried out regular artillery shelling of Bakhmut and the Bakhmut region. As a result of powerful mortar attacks on residential areas, a 66-year-old man and a 61-year-old woman were killed. 

At the same time, the State Border Guard Service reported that the border guards stopped the advance of enemy infantry in one of the directions near Bakhmut, eliminating the commander of the invaders. 

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  1. Wagner vermin have destroyed a beautiful city. Every one of those nazi cocksuckers must be pounded into the dirt.
    So FFS allies give the defenders what they need to achieve this x 4.

  2. This should make it obvious to the dumbest orc that he’s not being led to the slaughter for mother ruskie land, but for the wellbeing of their criminal leader. It should make dying or getting maimed even less palatable.

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