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Jan 6

Today was another active diplomatic day – four more leaders of partner states were fully informed about Ukraine’s defense needs and the nearest plans of the terrorist state.

Russia will not be able to conceal in silence its preparations for a new wave of aggression against Ukraine and the whole of Europe. The world will know in all details – how and when the aggressor is preparing a new escalation in this war. And every new mobilization step of Russia will be known to the world even before Russia makes it. We will ensure this.

And we strengthen the defense of Ukraine every day. I always discuss two things with all leaders – more defense support for our state, that is, more weapons for our army, and more protection for all Ukrainians – protection on the ground, in the sky and at sea.

Today I would like to express separate gratitude to President Biden and Chancellor Scholz for the decision to strengthen our defense, a very important decision. We will have another Patriot battery and powerful armored vehicles – this is truly a great victory for our country.

I thank everyone who helps our people defend freedom!
I thank everyone who fights and works to defeat terrorists!
Glory to our strong people!”
Glory to Ukraine!

President Zelenskyy


USA’s new $3 billion military package for Ukraine:


  1. A pro-Ukraine politician said on LBC radio this am that Ben Wallace was in talks to send 100 currently mothballed British Challenger tanks to Ukraine.
    They are old but pretty good. I hope this rumour will be confirmed.

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