Russians use mountains of bodies of their soldiers for cover – Budanov

Evgenia Sokolenko18:56, 01/04/23

According to the head of the GUR, he was shocked by what he saw near Bakhmut.

Budanov spoke about the situation at the front / photo from UNIAN
Budanov spoke about the situation at the front / photo from UNIAN

The bodies of Russian soldiers have piled up in the Donbass . When the Russian occupation troops go on the attack, they use the dead as cover.

Kirill Budanov, head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, spoke about this in an interview with  ABC News . He shared his impressions of his last visit to Bakhmut, where he went at the end of December.

According to Budanov, he was shocked by what he saw. As you know, the most fierce battles are now taking place under the Bakhmut fortress. 

“The soldiers showed me an area where corpses are piled up like in a movie… Hundreds of corpses are just rotting in an open field, in places they are piled on other bodies like makeshift walls, and when Russian troops advance on this field, they use these bodies for cover like a shield… But it doesn’t work. There are actually fields of dead bodies,” recalls the head of the GUR.

War in Ukraine: the situation near Bakhmut

The Russian Federation is unsuccessfully trying to take Bakhmut. Senseless  assaults  last for several months. In Bakhmut  , the enemy pulls everything that is combat-ready .

According to the military,  the losses of the Russian assault groups in Bakhmut are 80%. In many cases, the occupiers do not even take the wounded and leave the mercenaries to rot, freeze and die from bad weather and injuries.

Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny said that the occupiers are trying to advance over their corpses in the Bakhmut direction .

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