A firework was set off with one projectile: a video of the attack by the Armed Forces on the hangar of the Russian military base in Svatovo appeared

Yana Stavska11:18, 03.01.23

In order to destroy a huge warehouse with weapons of the occupiers, the Armed Forces needed one projectile.

The explosions at the occupiers' warehouse in Svatovo became known a day earlier / Screenshot
The explosions at the occupiers’ warehouse in Svatovo became known a day earlier / Screenshot

The special unit of the 92nd brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine published footage of the work at the site of the concentration of enemy troops and equipment in Svatovo .

The video captured the moment of an attack on a hangar with weapons of Russian troops. During the explosions, the invaders were in the territory of the warehouse.

The building in which the Russians were located was actually demolished by one shell dropped from a drone and the subsequent detonation of the ammunition. 

The explosions at the occupiers’ warehouse in Svatovo became known a day earlier . It was reported that the delivery of Russian weapons was monitored by the Armed Forces of Ukraine for a week.

As the head of the Luhansk OVA, Serhiy Gaidai, noted, after the “holiday salutes” the enemy’s logistics on this part of the front suffered significantly.

Separately, Gaidai mentioned the fire control by the Armed Forces of Ukraine of the strategically important route R-66, which goes from the Belgorod region of the Russian Federation through Svatove to Kreminna and Severodonetsk.

https://www.unian.ua/player/qt0UXZraThe Armed Forces hit the occupiers’ ammunition depot in Svatovo

Russia’s losses in Ukraine are relevant

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, the Ukrainian Armed Forces have eliminated more  than 107,440 occupiers  and thousands of units of enemy equipment.

Unlike Russian criminals, the Ukrainian military carries out  high-precision strikes on places where the enemy’s manpower  and equipment are concentrated.

For example, on December 31, the arrival of HIMARS fell on the Makiivka school, where hundreds of mobilized people were placed the day before. Propagandists are already whining about huge losses .

At the same time, the pro-war Russian society  has more and more questions  about the effectiveness of massive strikes on the Ukrainian energy system.

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