New losses of Russia: the General Staff disclosed data on devastating air strikes

Ukrainians warned about the threat of Russian attacks.


Translated from Ukrainian via Google and OFP

APU inflict devastating blows on the positions of Russian troops / photo from UNIAN

Ukrainian aviation during the day, January 2, powerfully hit areas of Russian troop concentrations five times, and on the positions of their anti-aircraft missile systems (SAM).

This was announced by the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the evening summary. Also, the headquarters confirmed the attack on December 31 on the area where Russians were concentrated in Makeevka, Donetsk region, where they destroyed and damaged up to 10 units of enemy military equipment of various types:

“The losses of the personnel of the occupiers are being specified.”

In addition, the report notes that during the day Russia launched one missile and 28 air strikes, 27 of them on civilian infrastructure, using Iranian Shahed-131/136 kamikaze drones.

“The threat of further air and missile strikes remains throughout Ukraine,” the General Staff warned.

Losses of Russia in Ukraine on January 2 – information from the General Staff

Recall that  the total combat losses of Russia  since February 24, 2022 are approximately 107,440.

Russia also lost in Ukraine: tanks – 3031, armored combat vehicles – 6093, artillery systems – 2027, MLRS – 423, air defense systems – 213, aircraft – 283, helicopters – 269.

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