Andrew Kim.

Jan 1, 2023.

One thing I fail to understand is why the West refuses to liquidate Russian assets.

Many have raised their eyebrows at the cost of funding Ukraine. The logical move is to liquidate Russian assets (personal and public) to fund Ukrainian troops and later reconstruction efforts.

At this stage, it is obvious that Russia is committed and refusing to back down. Taking their assets would be a harsh, stark measure that gives them permanent consequences for permanent crimes.

The only reason I can think of is that the West is led by spineless creatures who are still cowering in fear from Putin. Liquidate their assets and announce to the world how those billions of dollars will fund new air defense systems, electric equipment, tanks and artillery for Kyiv. If Putin makes idle threats then it is time to stop backing down from the bully and remind him that the US alone has far more capacity for destruction, strategic and conventional, than Russia.

What is your opinion?