“Private armies of oligarchs”: Piontkovsky explained why Russia is on the verge of civil war

Artem Budrin20:37, 12/31/22

Russian criminologists are preparing to share the huge property that will remain after the fall of the current Kremlin power.

Yevgeny Prigozhin (left) has his own army, says a political scientist / photo REUTERS
Yevgeny Prigozhin (left) has his own army, says a political scientist / photo REUTERS

Political scientist and publicist Andrei Piontkovsky believes that a civil war in Russia will begin soon.

According to the expert, private armies of forensic oligarchs will fight among themselves, fighting for influence and for raw materials and factories. Quotes Piontkovsky “Espresso”.

“And a few days before Prigozhin sent Medvedev three letters, he sent the chief of the general staff five letters, and not even he, but one of his subordinates. What a shame! After two Prigozhin criminals sent Gerasimov, the Ministry of Defense issued a special communiqué that this was a fake of Ukrainian propagandists and Nazis, nothing like that could be. “Unbelievable. This shows that there is already a civil war in Russia and it is inevitable, and a civil war of a completely new type. It will be a struggle between criminals for huge property that will be left without an owner,” the political scientist explained.

Piontkovsky noted that in the Russian Federation forensic financial and industrial groups will divide enterprises among themselves.

“These are private armies – Kadyrov, Prigozhin, and Rogozin tried to create, but he was wounded in the ass. Prigozhin is the most active of them in this civil war in Russia for its huge resources, because Prigozhin has strength. The chief of the general staff, who has GRU, what is the main department of spetsnaz now – why can’t he send several teams to arrest Prigozhin or hang him? He can’t do this, because there is already a civil war. Prigozhin has the most powerful and effective army. When they call the boss a fagot of the general staff, the commander-in-chief automatically becomes a fagot. These are the first heralds of a civil war on the ruins and ruins of the Russian Empire, also a remarkable evidence for us not just a conceptual destruction of the system. I insist on this that this is evidence of a hot civil war,what is already happening in Russia, between gangs of scoundrels who are preparing to share the huge property that will remain after the fall of the current government,” Piontkovsky added.

The collapse of the Russian Federation or the fall of the regime of Vladimir Putin – interesting forecasts

Russian lawyer Mark Feigin  suggested that the generals of the Russian army could put forward a “black mark” for Putin.

Major General Kirill Budanov, head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense  , described how the Russian Federation would fall apart . “Certain regions will disconnect from Russia… Moscow will pay reparations to us, as soon as the regime falls, all this will crumble,” says the head of the GUR.

Military expert Pyotr Chernik  observed that the process of Russia’s disintegration could take even decades.

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