“it is not putin’s war, it is the RUSSIAN war”

Yana Rudenko

Dec 30, 2022

In 1994, when #russia attacked #Ichkeria, there was no #putin 🤡
The permanent member of the 🕊 United Nations 🕊 Security Council with a veto right attacked #Moldova, #Georgia, #Ichkeria, #Ukraine, and their troops in #Syria. The United Nations Security Council is useless trash as long as there is #russia and its ignorance, indifference, and corruption.

On December 31 in 1994, russia was trying to capture #Grozny. I remember my boyfriend was so stressed out a year ago, as he was sure that russians would attack #Kyiv on December 31.

During two russian-Chechen wars (between which there was a peaceful agreement signed by #russia and then russians attacked again), more than 200,000-300,000 civilians were killed, including over 20,000- 40,000 children, and 300,000 refugees.

🩸 Cynical and brutal actions against civilians, looting, raping, and bombardment of civilians was part of the russian aggression in 1994 as it is part of russian aggression now against Ukraine.

Chechens were expecting the civilized world to help them but russian propaganda is more powerful as well as the world’s ignorance. 28 years later we see that evil is bigger. Now not 1 million Chechens suffer, but 40 million Ukrainians.

❌ russia remained unpunished ❌
If it continues, who will be next one?

❌ it is not putin’s war, it is the RUSSIAN war. ❌
It is how their system and society work, they must be isolated with no money access

We let russians destroy #Ichkeria and now Kadyrovtsy work for russia and takes an active part in russian aggression against #Ukraine. If Ukraine fails, russia will be stronger.

standforukraine #standwithukraine #supportukraine

russian #russiaterroriststate #russianaggression


Ukrainians are only against of russians because they came to our land to kill, loot and rape.
In 2014 they attacked us and occupied Donetsk and Luhansk regions, annexed Crimea

It is only in the XXI century. Red Terror against Ukrainian Intellectuals, three Holodomors, numerous suppressions of uprising of Ukrianians against russian dictatorship for 400 years. Around 200 documents that were forbidding the Ukrianian language.

That’s why I do hate them, and I will share all the information about their crimes against humanity not only on the Ukrainian land.

russia #russianwarcrimes #russianaggression

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  1. Never again!! When Ukraine gets their land back they need to develop the best military in Europe. Politicians can never be trusted, they work for the almighty Euro and Dollar. In 1994 they screwed Ukraine and will again if it is in their best interest. Moldova they napped, Syria they turned their back, Georgia they napped, Crimea they slept, not a sound of dissent could be heard. And especially never trust Germany or France. They have the knife behind your back while smiling to your face. Beware…………………… of ALL politicians.

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