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Dec 28, 2022.

To all those who still dare to advocate any dialogue with the Russian regime before the total liberation of Ukraine.

To all the purveyors of russian bedtime stories telling us that the invasion of Ukraine is actually a “fight between the USA and Russia”.
Here is yet another new intellectual construction designed to put the West to sleep.

The reality is that the Ukrainian battlefield is the site of the ultimate Western fight against totalitarianism.

Ukrainians have been fighting against russians for 300 years and have been the object of a genocidal russian strategy since 1917.

The following photo is that of the spontaneous gathering of one million Catholic, Orthodox and Jewish worshipers at the Ukrainian site of Dem’ianiv Laz in Ivano-Frankivsk in 1989, for the funerals of hundreds of martyrs murdered by the Russian NKVD in 1939 when Russians invaded Poland, and in 1941. At least 524 victims tortured and then shot. The victims are the Ukrainian intellectual elites, wealthy families, Jews, homosexuals, and handicapped people. 150 women. Dozens of children.

Russians had completely changed the topography of the site so that the mass graves could not be found, cutting down trees and bulldozing hills.

The members of the local organization investigating had limited time to find the bodies and provide proof of the massacres, after which they would be prosecuted for defamation by the Russian Soviet power.
The mass graves were miraculously found on the last day of the granted deadlines.

For all of us in Ukraine who are living through the invasion, the occupation, the 57,000 recorded war crimes, the multiple crimes against humanity, and the daily bombardments of civilians since February 2022, this is russia.

And for us like for a myriad of Ukrainian generations, russia is only that.

Monstrosity, duplicity and influence, illusion and collective manipulation: russia, a terrorist state, a cancerous totalitarism and its recurring avatars.

So, who now wants to “give guarantees to Russia when it returns to the negotiating table”?

Should we not instead give lasting guarantees to Ukraine, betrayed and abused from the Budapest memorandum in 1994, violated under the complacent gaze of the OSCE by the Minsk agreements in 2014 and 2015?

The only guarantee is the total and final defeat of Russia.

Ukraine is writing our common History, the History of the Western civilization.


  1. Anyone that suggests Ukraine should negotiate or compromise with the habitual invaders doesn’t know any history of Ukraine. They choose ignorance and Kremprop over logic and justice.

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