The journalist revealed the colossal losses of Russian aviation after the explosions at the Engels airfield

Yana Stavskaya14:22, 27.12.22

In particular, the control tower was damaged.

Tu-95 / Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation
Tu-95 / Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

Explosions on the territory of the Engels strategic aviation airfield damaged 5 Tu-95 bombers, journalist Vladimir Zolkin said , citing sources.

According to the journalist’s updated data, as a result of the “arrivals” 17 invaders were liquidated, another 26 were injured (three invaders were in serious condition).

In addition, the dispatching control tower was damaged, as Aleksey Arestovich, adviser to the Office of the President, had previously stated .

Zolkin did not disclose the sources of information, adding that “these sources are extremely rarely wrong, although in principle everyone is wrong – any media from time to time provide unconfirmed information.

New attacks on Engels – what is known

On December 26, new explosions thundered on the territory of the Engels strategic aviation airfield (600 km from the border of Ukraine) .

Russia said that the air defense shot down an unknown drone on approach to the object, and the debris killed three people. At the same time, Moscow blamed Ukraine for the attack.

A few days earlier, the Russians were training on the Engels to deliver new strikes against Ukraine. According to Oleksiy Arestovich, adviser to the OP, fresh “cotton” probably prevented an air raid on Ukrainian cities on the eve of the holidays.

Later, the Ukrainian Air Force noted that after the explosions, the invaders dispersed the planes to other airfields – away from the Ukrainian border.

The New York Times writes that this could make it much more difficult for the Russians to carry out massive attacks on Ukrainian energy. Ukraine’s long-range strikes coincided with Russia’s drawdown of cruise and tactical ballistic missile stockpiles .

This is not the first drone attack on the Russian Engels. Previously, on December 5, explosions damaged at least a few bombers.(C)UNIAN 2022

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