Russia scrubs Mariupol’s Ukraine identity; builds on death


  1. This article is harrowing to read. It is nothing less than a business model for all Ukraine: destroy everything Ukrainian, torture, kill and thieve off as many civilians as possible, enslave the rest and abduct their children.
    This is exactly what putler intended to do with all Ukraine and STILL intends to. After the nazi’s monster’s death, his successor will continue. That is, unless the allies finally realise that they must at last honour their obligations under Budapest TO THE LETTER.

      • The allies end of term report :
        Helping Kyiv to avoid being overrun by vermin : success! Thanks to Javelins and NLAW’s.
        Helping Ukraine cities to avoid shelling, missile attacks and drone attacks: FAIL.
        Helping the defenders to recover some occupied territory: success! Thanks to HIMARS and other MLRS’s.
        Helping Ukraine to win quickly: FAIL.
        Providing the items needed to win quickly; eg tanks, jets and long range missiles: FAIL.
        Smashing the putlerstani economy with crushing sanctions : massive FAIL.
        Seizing all putinazi assets in the west and passing the cash to Ukraine: FAIL.
        Preventing all putinazis from entering the civilised world : massive FAIL.
        Formulating a cohesive plan to end the war on terms favourable to Ukraine: massive FAIL.
        Confirming putlerstan as a terror state that is thieving, prosecuting genocide, abducting children, torturing and raping :
        Massive FAIL.

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