China shocked by how Russia has performed militarily – American expert

Evgenia Sokolenko22:22, 24.12.22

China also does not want to escalate its confrontation with the US, he said.

China also does not want to intensify its confrontation with the US / photo
China also does not want to intensify its confrontation with the US / photo

Former U.S. State Department sanctions coordinator Daniel Fried believes that China has no plans to support Russia in the war in Ukraine.

On the air of the Espresso TV channel, he said that the Chinese were shocked by how Russia showed itself militarily.

“The Chinese are shocked by the strategic miscalculations of the Russian Federation, by its clumsiness in deciding what Putin can neither control nor stop. Russia has always been a junior partner of China, at least for the past few years. It is now clear that Russia is aggressive and incompetent junior partner. I doubt that the Chinese will take risks for the sake of Putin,” Fried explained his thought.

According to the expert, China also does not want to intensify its confrontation with the United States. Beijing saw that the West was not as weak as it thought.

“This should alert any serious strategist in the Kremlin. China is not going to support Russia, sinking more and more into the quagmire of Putin’s adventures. I think that the Chinese will not risk violating US sanctions, even the oil price cap. Putin’s position is not strong. Putin has made serious miscalculations , and his current position is much weaker than last year,” Fried concluded.

War in Ukraine: China’s position

After the start of a full-scale war in Ukraine, China officially took a neutral position, and also  called for an  end to hostilities and a switch to a peaceful dialogue.

Although China has not officially joined the anti-Russian sanctions, Chinese companies have de facto  limited or stopped the  supply of many sanctioned goods in order not to fall under the secondary sanctions of the West.

China’s new ambassador to the European Union, Fu Cong, said  the war had placed China “in a very difficult political position” and “greatly aggravated” relations with Europe.

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  1. In spite of China’s distancing from their pre-escalation stance of “no limits”. I do believe China may still be supplying more than helmets and body armor though perhaps through back channels in covert fashion. pootin’s buddy seemed a bit too efin happy at his meeting with winnie-the-pooh.

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