Ukraine spends as many shells in two days as the US produces in a month – WP

Evgenia Sokolenko21:29, 23.12.22

Now the US is capable of producing 14,000 howitzer shells per month.

The intensity of fighting in Ukraine is higher than in Afghanistan / photo
The intensity of fighting in Ukraine is higher than in Afghanistan / photo

The US government acknowledged that the United States lacks the capacity to manufacture artillery shells to meet the needs of Ukraine.

Now the United States is capable of manufacturing 14 thousand howitzer shells per month, but Ukraine spends so much in two days, writes the  Washington Post .

“The United States can now produce about 14,000 155mm howitzer shells per month,” Secretary of the Army Christine Wormuth said in a comment to the publication.

According to her, the States plan to increase the production of artillery ammunition. According to the newspaper, Washington is also trying to encourage the Europeans to open up their reserves more fully and increase their own industrial capacities in order to take on more of the burden.

War in Ukraine: intensity of fighting

As UNIAN reported earlier, NATO stated that the intensity of the fighting  is ten times higher than in Afghanistan. There, the alliance forces could fire 300 artillery rounds a day. However, in Ukraine, thousands of shots per day can be heard, and besides this, enemy missiles and drones. 

Somewhat earlier, Alexander Syrsky, Commander of the Ground Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, compared the intensity of fighting in Ukraine with World War II .

“The level of ammunition consumption (on the part of the Russian Federation – UNIAN) is simply unprecedented. Precisely because the scope of hostilities and the intensity of hostilities can only be compared with the period of World War II, not even with Afghanistan,” he said.

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  1. The solution is actually quite easy. Give ATACMS to Ukraine, or aircraft, and the AFU will destroy even more ruskie ammo. Ergo, the AFU will need less artillery ammo.

    • For real why is it the simple things seem too complicated for so called leaders to figure out. Plus give Ukraine tanks along with the ATACMS modern jets as well as modern choppers. God help Ukraine to destroy the rashists in spite of slow or no provision by allies.

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