NABU: corruption scheme in Odessa is the largest in Ukraine  

The corruption scheme, which involved several large businessmen, as well as representatives of the Odessa city authorities, is the largest such fraud in the country.

This was stated in an interview with by the head of the main division of detectives of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine Andriy Kaluzhinsky.

“Each of the regions has its own more or less influential players, but we have no information that someone has “monopolized” local authorities as much as in Odessa,” he said. 

Kaluzhinskiy said that NABU received information about the businessman’s illegal influence on the Odessa city authorities about a year and a half ago. The next time the detectives collected evidence. He noted that now the evidence has been collected only in relation to a part of the suspects, work continues.

“In addition to the previous case on the activities of a criminal group in Odessa, which NABU is really still investigating, there are several more cases. In our opinion, we have collected enough evidence to hold top local government officials accountable for the revealed facts of corruption,” Kaluzhinskiy said.

Recall, as part of the investigation of the so-called “new Odessa case” , it turned out that large Odessa entrepreneurs Boris Kaufman and Alexander Granovsky (Borukhovich), as well as their manager Konstantin Efremov, systematically bribed top city hall officials (Bryndak, Kuchuk, Bedrega) and received kickbacks from developers for facilitating their business, as well as from municipal contractors and suppliers of goods and services – in the amount of 10% of the cost of delivery.



  1. Can’t Kyiv use some sort of special laws or powers connected with the war to arrest these rats and throw them into dark, cold, moist prisons, or better yet, execute them?

    • I fully support the idea in theory.
      But with courts and persecutors being equally corrupt, chances are that the wrong people end up in this moist prison.

      I do not doubt a large share of the people in Ukrainian prisons are innocent.

  2. Ukraine is working overtime to put a stop to the endemic corruption. Much more to do because it reaches into every facet of business and governmental officials countrywide. Need patience and faith that they will root out the evil. EU/NATO membership depends upon them getting the job done. The crooks learned from the best (Russia).

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