Russian mercenaries may fire on Belarus to accuse Ukraine – CNS

Vitaly Saenko 14:56, 21.12.22 UNIAN

Russian militants can be dressed in Ukrainian uniforms to carry out a provocation on the Ukrainian-Belarusian border.

Provocations are expected on the border of Belarus and Ukraine / photo
Provocations are expected on the border of Belarus and Ukraine / photo

Russian mercenaries from private military campaigns can fire on Belarus in order to blame Ukraine for it later.

In particular, according to the report of the local underground, the mercenaries of the PMC “Liga” (part of the PMC “Wagner”) arrived at the border with Ukraine in order to prepare a provocation.

“The mercenaries are divided into two groups of 80-90 people and arrived in the area of ​​the village of Krupeyki (Loevsky district, Gomel region) to perform tasks. The groups have lightly armored vehicles and tilt trucks at their disposal. The groups are reinforced by engineering units,” the Center said in a statement.  national resistance.

At the same time, Belarus introduced a temporary restriction on entry and entry within the border strip of the Loevsky district.

“One of the provocation scenarios is the shelling of the territory of Belarus allegedly by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. After all, we are talking about precisely those mercenaries who arrived in Belarus on September 20. Then, 300 units of Ukrainian military uniform were delivered to the territory of the Belarusian private security company GardService, where the mercenaries were stationed. The Russians seized it in warehouses in the Kherson region,” the report says.

It is also said that “Gardservice” is not just a private security company.

“It is the first such enterprise in Belarus and was created by a special decree of Alexander Lukashenko in 2019. The “guards” are based on the territory of the former training center for Belarusian special forces,” the report says.

Threat from Belarus

As UNIAN reported earlier, today, December 21, the Belarusian authorities restricted access to three districts of the Gomel region , from which the Russian army’s offensive against Kiev began in February. We are talking about the Loevsky, Braginsky and Khoiniksky districts, bordering on the Kyiv and Chernihiv regions.

Putin recently flew to Minsk to meet with Lukashenka.  After the talks of the dictators , the movement of Belarusian equipment to the border with Ukraine was recorded.


  1. So Putler will have to rely on a false flag measure to get Luka to join him in his evil escapade? That’s not going to work. Knowing Luka, he’s already smelled the rat. Putler never did stand a chance against loony.

    • It will be his “Gleiwitz” incident. The first was done over 8 years. This one won’t last as long.

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